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About Shauna L.Williams
Originally from Massachusetts, fashion jewelry retailer, visionary and designer Shauna Williams grew up in an entrepreneurial environment. She was destined to be an entrepreneur as she came from a family of small business owners. At an early age, Shauna became a mom and yet managed to balance the demands of motherhood, the commitment of full-time work, while also studying business in college as well as helping out in the family business. While working in the family business, Shauna paid close attention to management, operations and marketing which she eventually applied to her own business.

In her earlier years, Shauna modeled for a small modeling agency in Massachusetts participating in several fashion shows. Being around fashion and accessories, Shauna fell in love with the different patterns, fabrics and designs. However, after marrying and having her second child, she had difficulty loosing the weight, and was unable to find the style of clothing she loved and desired. Becoming frustrated, Shauna had the vision of launching a sexy clothing line for mothers and plus sized women, but went in the direction of accessories and Jewelry Explosion was born in 1999.

Shauna started by selling jewelry to family and friends and began hosting jewelry parties, which became very sucessful. As the business gained more momentum and notoriety, Shauna expanded operations and opened an online jewelry business in November, 2007 and in September 2008, she opened a small jewelry boutique. However, due to the bleak economic conditions, the store location closed. Now with a strong passion for design and jewelry, Shauna re-branded and re-launched her online store. Shauna is currently working on her own jewelry line which will launch later this year.

About Jewelry Explosion
Launched in September 1999 and based in Brockton MA, Jewelry Explosion is an independently owned and family operated business founded by visionary, jewelry designer and entrepreneur Shauna L. Williams.

At Jewelry Explosion, we pride ourselves in customer satisfaction and long lasting relationships. We work with several jewelry vendors throughout the United States and several other countries,  so you are sure to find that unique piece of jewelry to fit your personal style and budget. From fine italian gold, sterling silver, diamonds and pearls there is definately something to fit every personality.

Whether you need a funky colorful  chunky necklace for a Saturday afternoon outing, a pair of small, yet sleek diamond earrings to wear to the office, or a feminine dainty bracelet for your wedding, Jewelry Explosion has an interesting and beautiful selection of jewelry available to fit your needs.

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